Relive the magic of the great American drive in movie theatre - a contact-free way to experience film, outdoor theatre and live performances. Bringing back the nostalgia of the 1950s and the golden age of Hollywood, The Drive In brings you the iconic drive in experience, with live actors, classic cinema refreshments, and great entertainment. You can either rock up in the comfort of your automobile or come by foot or bicycle with your own chairs and radio for the ultimate outdoor cinema experience!

No showings available at this time

Get Out
Fri 23 Oct - 10:50pm
Tue 27 Oct - 9:45pm
Hocus Pocus
Wed 28 Oct - 7:00pm
Thu 29 Oct - 9:45pm
Black Water Abyss
Fri 30 Oct - 8:00pm
The Addams Family
Sat 31 Oct - 7:00pm
A Nightmare on Elm Street...
Sat 31 Oct - 9:45pm
IT: Chapter One
Sun 1 Nov - 9:30pm


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